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The Costs of Home Schooling

Parents have various reasons for choosing home schooling over traditional school teaching and one very evident reason is cost. But is it necessarily true that home schooling does not involve a lot of cost? Well, if you think that you can cut down the education expenses of your kids, you’re very wrong. Home schooling is a tough decision for parents because the costs are much higher especially if they choose modern programs. These modern programs offered through home schooling can compete with regular schools and so the […]

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The Benefits of Home Schooling Your Children

Home schooling is considered to be very beneficial for kids. A wise man even puts it that if we teach our children to have courage, faith and endurance and show them how to learn, they will in turn teach us to laugh, sing and to love. To put it simply, each of the members of the family will have some valuable lessons to teach the whole family.This means that home schooling is not just about teaching children academic lessons but there is more that meets the eye […]

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Grading In Homeschooling

Grading in homeschooling is done by the teacher-in-charge. In most of the cases, this means mom! In this situation, grading can get a bit tricky because it can be a little difficult to grade your own child. There is no benchmark against which you can evaluate your child’s performance. In most cases, you also have no awareness of how well other children are doing. So, obviously the traditional method of grading is perhaps not the best method to follow. When grading a child undergoing homeschooling, it is […]

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